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Elden Ring Open Source API is here!

Deliton Junior

Deliton Junior

FanApis Author

A new release!

Hello everyone! I've been super hooked playing Elden Ring since it came out. What an amazing game. For that reason, following the steps of Zelda API, I've decided to scrape some data about Elden Ring and assemble another open source API with publicly available data and media. Keep in mind that in this initial release we won't have 100% accurate data and some things might be missing. Feel free to contribute with data!

GraphQL is here

GraphQL is an open-source data query and manipulation language created by Facebook in 2015. It provides a more efficient and scalable way to access and update data compared to traditional REST API endpoints.

GraphQL allows clients to specify the exact data they need from servers, reducing the number of requests and bandwidth needed. Servers can also batch multiple queries into a single request, improving performance. You can get started by visiting https://eldenring.fanapis.com/api/graphql and play around with the data.


There's no reason having our API calls blocked by CORS, so now every site should be able to directly make calls to this API.