Ashes of War Route


This route fetches a list of all ashes of war that can be encountered in Elden Ring, and outputs that in JSON format. The user can define his own pagination and also use search queries to find the desired output.


idstringId of the ash of war item
namestringName of the ash of war item
imagestringImage URL of the ash of war item
descriptionstringShort description of the ash of war item
affinitystringAffinity of an Ash of War.
skillstringSkill activated when this Ash of War is equipped in a weapon

Sample Result

success: true,
count: 2,
data: [{
id: "17f699db6b0l0hzn9xsxxwtgyfky3",
name: "Ash Of War: Prelate's Charge",
image: "",
description: "This Ash of War grants an armament the Flame affinity and the following skill:"
Prelate 's Charge: Slam armament into the ground to create a surge of flames, then charge in. Hold to continue the charge."Usable on large and colossal axes and hammers.",
affinity: "Flame",
skill: "Prelate's Charge"
id: "17f69632311l0hzna19sl4rzmmvk4",
name: "Ash Of War: Barrage",
image: "",
description: "This Ash of War grants no affinity to an armament, but imparts the following skill:"
Barrage: Archery skill using a bow held horizontally
.Ready the bow,
then fire off a rapid succession of
shots faster than the eye can see
"Usable on light bows.",
affinity: "Standard",
skill: "Barrage"


GET route retrieves a list of all the ashes of war present in Elden Ring.
GET route retrieves one Elden Ring Ash of War using its ID.


This route supports the following parameters:

Parameterdefault valueExample URLDESCRIPTION
limit20 parameter is used to set the maximum amount of items in the response
page0 parameter is used no navigate between pages of results
namenone's%20ChargeThis parameter is used to search for fields by their names