Items Route


This route fetches a list of all items that can be obtained in Elden Ring, and outputs that in JSON format. The user can define his own pagination and also use search queries to find the desired output.


idstringId of the item
namestringName of the item
imagestringImage URL of the item icon
descriptionstringShort description of the item
typestringType of item
effectstringWhat the item does when given, consumed or used to upgrade things

Sample Result

success: true,
count: 2,
data: [{
id: "17f69e47912l0i1z0lip3kamll88h",
name: "Blue Cipher Ring",
image: "",
description: "Item for online play. Puts the wearer in ready state to answer should someone in another world call for rescue. You will be summoned to their world as a hunter. When summoned to rescue another player, your objective will be to defeat the invader.",
type: "Reusable",
effect: "Enables the wearer to answer calls for rescue"
id: "17f69cb5ad0l0i1z0lpxlgghg1a5nd",
name: "White Cipher Ring",
image: "",
description: "Item for online play. Allows you to automatically request for a hunter from another world to come to your rescue when your world is invaded. (You may be unable to summon rescuers under certain circumstances). A lost mystic code, enchanted to take the form of a ring. One of the fetishes said to have been bestowed by the Two Fingers.",
type: "Reusable",
effect: "When invaded, request the aid of a hunter."


GET route retrieves a list of all the items of Elden Ring.
GET route retrieves one Elden Ring item using its ID.


This route supports the following parameters:

Parameterdefault valueExample URLDESCRIPTION
limit20 parameter is used to set the maximum amount of items in the response
page0 parameter is used no navigate between pages of results
namenone parameter is used to search for fields by their names